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Non stop sparkle! 21.99ct violet pink Amethyst

The breathtaking qualities of this gemstone are evident in its impeccable cut, mesmerizing color, and remarkable clarity. The amethyst’s pristine appearance is accentuated by its VS clarity and dazzling luster. Its exquisite faceting generates an electric flashing effect that gracefully traverses up, down, and around its body like a current. The vibrant color of the gem fluctuates between lavender and pink depending on the lighting, with the full color palette mirrored in its flashing display. With dimensions measuring an impressive 22.7mm x 15mm x 10.1mm, it boasts substantial size, fantastic symmetry, and a Mohs hardness rating of 7 out of 10. This gem stands as an exceptionally fine example of boutique-grade, untreated pure Brazilian amethyst.

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1 in stock

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