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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you get new inventory?

We update our inventory every few weeks to provide you with the best selection possible at any time.

Are your pieces treated?

Some pieces are, and some pieces are not. Most treatments are common and industry standard, but all treatments are fully disclosed.

Do you set gemstones?

We are gem dealers with a constantly updated inventory. We deal in loose gemstones to keep costs low. If pieces arrive already set that is how we will present them; however, we do not set the stones ourselves.

Do you have a storefront?

We keep our platform digital to keep costs down, that way we are not charging the customer for lights, cases, and people in fancy outfits.

Do you certify your gemstones?

We do not certify gemstones but we personally guarantee them. If a gemstone comes to us already certified it will be listed as such, then you will receive the certification with the piece. This keeps the cost of the gemstones down for all of our customers.

What is your return policy?

If you need to return an item, we have a 15-day return window from when you receive it. Customers are responsible for return shipping depending on reason for return. Please note that refunds will be processed pending inspection of the returned item.