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Monumental! 28.79ct Dragon scale patterned rainbow Ammolite

Dust off your armor, and mount up your stead, because it’s dragon catching time! Or, you could just buy this piece and skip all the unpleasant fire breathing escapades. Your choice, but we would recommend the latter of the two options. Today we present you with an amazing example of natural ammolite in a vibrant dragon scale pattern. Its colors roll across its surface with a rainbow display that changes with every turn! Fiery reds and greens dance through yellows and oranges in a mix of metallic hues with a size that are sure to draw attention. Due to the soft nature of ammolite, most if not all cabochons are given a protective coating. All of the pieces in this batch were given a two part epoxy coating giving them a Mohs hardness rating of right around 8 out of 10, making them incredibly durable. You can even polish them!

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