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Look at this 21.36ct dragonfly wing patterned Ammolite!

What we have here is an amazing example of ammonite displaying a crisp dragonfly wing pattern. The colors of this piece shift between electric emerald green and gold with a healthy dose of teal in its transition and touches of cobalt blue! You’ll have to double check to make sure it’s the same gem from all the color shifting. You can use it in your art, your jewelry, or just keep it in your collection to impress your friends. And if you don’t have any friends, go get some, and THEN impress them. You should probably get out more anyway. We’re really starting to worry about you. But I digress… Due to the soft nature of ammolite, most if not all cabochons are given a protective coating. All of the pieces in this batch were given a two part epoxy coating giving them a Mohs hardness rating of right around 8 out of 10, making them incredibly durable. You can even polish them!

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