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Don’t miss this 6.73ct top imperial red Andesine!

This piece is simply spectacular! Just look at the color! The bold imperial red hue and toasted orange undertone creates a stunningly rich body color in lower lighting, but in bright lighting, that’s when the magic happens. You can see tiger stripe striations start to appear in its color saturation, and when held up to direct light it reveals the green shadow that makes these gemstones so popular. And while your holding it to the light you’ll be surprised to note that the impressive full body saturation that is so easily visible is mostly around the edges! This captivating example is just full of surprises. Measuring an impressive 16mm x 11.5mm x 6.8mm and glistening under its well polished vitreous luster, this andesine gemstone will stand out in any collection. Sourced from Africa. Diffused.

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Out of stock

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