Is an Opal Engagement Ring Right for You?

If you are searching for opal engagement rings, you probably fall into one of the following categories: it has significance to either you or your partner, you are searching for a cost-conscious alternative to a diamond, or you are searching for the perfect gem with a colorful sparkle! No matter why you are searching, here are some things to consider about an opal ring.

What does Opal represent?

While a diamond is proposed to represent the durability of love that lasts forever, an opal is said to be a perfect representation of the spark and fire of your relationship. Red flashing within the opal symbolizes love and passion between two lovers. Opals are also alleged to boost creativity and symbolize fidelity. And, since no two opals are exactly the same, they are a fantastic option for those who want a one-of-a-kind ring!

Why go with an Opal?

Opals are a unique gem that have no substitute that is equal in color, flashing, or style. You can find opals in a variety of hues, and from there you can find one with the perfect color/type of flashing for you! For brides searching for a brighter ring, you can find a white or jelly opal with floral or fairy flashing to fit the perfect romantic style. For a bride who leans towards the dark side, black opals with green or blue flashing can be the star of the show, second only to the bride of course!

Opals are also a relatively less expensive gem for couples who are hoping to save some extra cash for the wedding, honeymoon, or a home to share.  Because of their natural beauty and shine, they don’t need many other details that drive up the price of a setting. Don’t feel like you can’t add flair, but it’s not a necessity with these stunning gems. Plus, being overall lighter in density, you can get a much larger stone with the same carat weight as a smaller diamond. Being less expensive, they also are more affordable to replace if anything were to ever happen to your center stone such as losing it, breaking it, or it being stolen. While we don’t want any of those things to occur to your gorgeous ring, sometimes life happens and having an opal center stone may ease the burden slightly.

Why not an Opal?

While opals are gorgeous and unsurpassed in uniqueness, they are not the most durable gemstone. Sitting at a 5.5 – 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, they are more prone to scratching than a harder stone such as a diamond.

Why is it important to know where quartz is on this scale? Quartz particles are commonly found in household dust, and since higher numbers can scratch lower ones, it is important to not clean your opal ring with a cloth that may have dust on it. There also needs to be considerations when it comes to moisture and where you store the gem. Opals typically contain a certain amount of moisture within and, if that moisture is lost, the gem can develop surface cracks over a period of time. This can be avoided by keeping the gem safe from extreme temperature changes, dry or hot conditions, and leaving it in direct sunlight. The color of the opal can be affected if it absorbs harsh oils or chemicals. This is important to keep in mind when doing household chores such as washing the dishes. For a bride that works with their hands for a living, an opal ring may not be the best choice as it is a higher risk gem based on all the factors above.

After considering all the factors and options, if an opal ring still stands out in your mind as “the one,” then go for it! For a bride that wants something nontraditional, an opal is a stunning choice that, years from now with proper care, will make a beautiful heirloom. As long as you are giving it to the one you love, nothing else matters.



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