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Phenomenal 26.56ct Padparadscha Morganite

From its flawless luter to its padparadscha hue, this morganite is simply stunning. Referred to by some as the pink emerald, this rare morganite is a type of beryl, just like emeralds and aquamarines. The boutique grade orange pink padparadscha color of this piece gets its name from aquatic lotus blossoms, and is highly sought after by gem collectors. This piece showcases a vibrant mix of liquid and glittering flashing for a non-stop display that can be seen through pristine eye clarity, and a superior luster that shines like polished glass. It has outstanding size, measuring 21.8mm x 14.8mm x 11.2mm, and has had no treatments! Sourced from Brazil. This is a very rare and extremely large example so don’t miss it!

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Out of stock

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