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Really Cool All Natural 45.98ct Jadite Jade Ring

Have you ever seen a jade ring like this? Its swirling bi-color hue dances between smooth onyx black and bright marbled green creating a truly unique display. It measures 28mm x 11.6mm and was cut to size 10 making it large enough for men, but still small enough to use as an accent ring for ladies. This grade A jade has received no treatments or enhancements, and was sourced from the Myanmar.
Jade is extremely popular due to its amazing durability, choice of stunning colors and rarity. Even though it ranks a little lower on the MOHS scale for hardness, it has a Monoclinic crystal structure that locks it into place giving it a strength that rivals diamonds. It’s so strong that jade was originally used for tools and weaponry! But we’d rather just wear it. This is grade A jade, meaning that it is all natural, with no resins or fillers. Thai means you can wear it now, and pass it on for generations to come.

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