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Impressive 8.96ct full fire VS Imperial Topaz solitaire

The coloring of this topaz is simply breathtaking. It has swirling saturation that gives it a continuous shift in color that is effected by not only movement, but by different lighting as well. It presents a mix of golds and ambers with a touch of champagne, and in bright light it adds a hint of peach that becomes intertwined with its rich kaleidoscope of colors. The flashing of this solitaire echos these exciting shades, creating a multi-color flash palette that errupts through great VS clarity, accented by its superior liquid luster. Measuring 11.7mm x 11.4mm x 8.8mm, this example is sure to draw the eye, and will be an impressive addition to any collection or setting. Sourced from Brazil.

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Out of stock

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