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Exceptional! 14.46ct full spectrum honeycomb Opal

This opal is simply outstanding. The color palette of this piece errupts in an electric assault of brilliant colors that span the entire color spectrum. The predominant dayglo red that rolls under its fully visible honeycomb pattern gives way to vibrant oranges, ambers and golds and gives the illusion of literal flames in the belly of the gem. Through these colors you can see touches of indigo and turquoise in certain lighting, as well as violet pink. This is all pulled together with a boldly shifting electric green that shifts into canary yellow. Underneath the honeycomb pattern that covers this opal, the play of color presents itself in a mix of bold wide block flashing, accented with touches of floral and chaff patterns adding unique color patterns to its already impressive display. It has a commanding presence, measuring a whopping 22.8mm x 15mm x 8.3mm, and a caramel semi black hue that really makes its flashing stand out. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime Welo opal! Untreated!

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1 in stock

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