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Dive in! To Aquamarine

The beautiful blue birthstone for the month of March should be a part of every jewelry or gemstone collection. Not only for its gorgeous color and history, but for its physical and spiritual benefits as well.

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that ranges in hue from pale blue to light green, or a color that you would associate with a body of water. What is beryl? It is a mineral with many occurring varieties that take form in emerald, morganite, and aquamarine! As its name suggests (aqua—coming from the Latin ‘water’—and marine—from the Latin ‘of the sea’), this common gemstone radiates the essence of the sea in all aspects.

While aquamarine is generally an inexpensive gem due to its abundance, its value significantly increases based on the hue it displays. In the past, sea green varieties were the most popular; today, the deeper blue the piece, the more valuable it becomes. Cut gems can be commonly found anywhere up to roughly 10 carats, but the biggest aquamarine recorded to date was found in Brazil in 1910, weighing 243 pounds! It was then cut in to many smaller pieces that totaled over 200,000 carats. Think of all the easter bunnies that could feed!There are many myths and legends regarding aquamarine. Many of which relate to what the gem is believed to accomplish for its wearer.

For example, Romans believed that the gem absorbed the atmosphere of young love and instilled happiness. They also thought that if a frog was carved on an aquamarine, it would be able to reconcile enemies and bring them together in friendship. Believed to be the treasure of mermaids, both Greeks and Romans trusted it as the sailor’s gem, using is as a talisman to ensure safe and triumphant journeys across oceans and seas.

Another old tradition that should be brought back today is gifting aquamarine after a wedding. It was considered the most appropriate gift for a groom to give his bride the morning following the consummation of the marriage—which just makes sense! In Medieval times, the gem was thought to reawaken the spark and love of married couples and also that it would render soldiers invincible. Even today, it is thought that placing an aquamarine specimen in the far-right corner of your home from the front door will activate Kun (the love corner) in the Feng Shui of your home. If you have all the loving communication that you need in your life, you can move it to the far-left corner to activate Xun (the wealth corner) to make your money tree flow!

In the Middle Ages, writers claimed that aquamarine was the most popular and effective “oracle” crystals. It was thought to be a great stone for fortune telling as well as being the predecessor to the Ouija board. Diviners would hold the gem by a thread suspended over water with the alphabet scattered, and spirits would move it to different letters to answer questions. Another method used was sinking the crystal in pure water and disturbances in the water would reveal answers to the questions asked. 

Aquamarine is believed to align with the throat chakra, which makes sense why it is credited with curing ailments of the jaw, throat, stomach and liver, as well as belching and yawning. No more case of the yawns at work or in class! Just get yourself an aquamarine! This “all purpose” gem is not only used as treatment for physical ailments, but spiritual and psychological disturbances as well. For instance, this gem is viewed as one of courage and helps with overcoming anxiety associated with communication as well as creating a calming effect that can assist in meditation. In clearing clouded and extra thoughts, it paves the way for a high state of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Actively working with aquamarine is also said to treat people with severe procrastination, giving the ability to think clearly and make quicker decisions. Its clear that the quickest decision now is to go and get some aquamarine as soon as possible!

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